• Ten Reasons why School Fundraising

    Needs To Change


    THE PROBLEM with School Fundraising:

    Product fundraising for schools and organizations has been around a long time.

    But Why hasnt it changed?
    • Schools should not have to purchase in bulk and pay in advance
    • Volunteer and parents should be enabled with tools to help in the fundraising process and not used as administrative, warehouse and delivery personnel?
    • Fundraising organizations today bog down the process with Paper - catalogs, order forms, tracking, and reporting?
    • The current products that are being sold only get smaller each year and the prices keep going up – there is an overall feeling that the products are overpriced and underwhelming.
    • Children should not be selling door-to-door – it is a reality in today’s society that parents, law enforcement, or the general public does not support this practice.
    • Children and Parents should not be carrying cash, checks, or card information to and from school. The school should avoid this practice as well
    • The entire process should be online taking advantage of the web, on-line payments, secure transactions, and fraud management
    • Schools and Organizations are teaching children to exercise, eat healthy, and be conscious of the obesity epidemic in our country – this effort should be supported by avoiding selling candy, sugary treats, and snacks for fundraisers
    • If part of the Fundraising experience is teaching children about business, sales, and marketing – then shouldn’t they be learning about online commerce, social selling, and digital marketing?
    • With today's real concerns about identity fraud and cyber-security we believe that transactions should occur in a secure, digital platform that eliminates checks, cash, card numbers, name and address information from being transported in envelopes and changing hands many times


    According to The American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC)

     80% of American consumers use Debit and Credit Cards as their preferred method of payment

    And we all research and buy online