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    We provide the most innovative fundrasing platform along with the best products for

    schools, scouts, sports teams, and other organizations

    We help you raise the funds you need.


    PETGIVE believes that current fundraising efforts by Schools are:

    • Inefficient – current systems rely too heavily on paper-based forms, volunteer hours for operational tasks, and require the schools to manage the majority of the effort
    • Disconnected – Schools have multiple fundraising efforts throughout the year and include school-wide programs, classroom projects, activities like field-trips or sports teams
    • Outdated – The current systems are not technically advanced, and do not collect or provide actionable data
    • Risk inherent – Children expected to go door-to-door, Children carrying product and cash at school, and Parents expected to ensure the security of cash, checks, card, and other personal information.  The liability for identity theft today can live with parents, volunteers, or schools.

    PETGIVE – Petgive is the Fundraising experience for Pet Lovers

    Subscription Boxes and Food For Your Pet

    Contribute to Your School and Enjoy

    A PETGIVE Box is a new yearly subscription service that sends your pet a fun, healthy, Pet foodie experience each month. Each box contains various unique, healthy, and fun treats, chews, toys, and food for your furry, fuzzy, or feathery family member


    This would be a great eay to reward your pet or as aunique gift for a great friend and thier pet.

    PETGIVE – Petgive.net is the Fundraising experience for Pet Lovers


    Online and easy to understand

    We understand that fundraisers are essential for your budget but they can be challenging to manage at times. At PETGIVE we have designed our fundraisers with you in mind so they are simple to understand, easy to sell, and conveniently delivered for you.

    PETGIVE – Petgive.net is the Fundraising experience for Pet Lovers


    Give and Learn

    Buying and gifting Pet Food, Snacks, Health items, and toys is different. Almost everyone who has a pet loves to pamper and reward them - you can't do that with wrapping paper.


    Pet owners are spending more money than ever on pet-related goods and services. Most pet owners view their animals as part of the family. In fact, over the last few years, we are seeing a trend in the “humanization” of pets.

    Pet Owners are having birthdays, holiday celebrations, events and weddings that include thier Pets. The associated gifting of Pet Products has also grown.


    The American Pet Products Association (APPA) states, in 2016, American consumer spending nearly quadrupled to an estimated $62.75 billion

    2020, the pet industry could hit $96 billion in sales.


    The APPA breaks down the spending as follows:

    • Food - $23.05 billion
    • Supplies/OTC medicine - $14.28 billion
    • 73.9 million US households in the U.S. have at least one pet
    • Approximately 40% of US  households include more than one pet.
    • 78 million dogs
    • 86.4 million cats
    • 151.1 million freshwater fish
    • 8.61 million saltwater fish
    • 16.2 million birds
    • 16 million small animals  
    • 13 million reptiles
    • 7.9 million equines

    Trends: Healthy foods and health related spending


    Increasingly, pet owners are seeking out organic, healthier, higher quality food and alternative health products for pets.

    Packed Facts, a leading source of market research on consumer goods and services industries, states 50% of the pet owners believed natural and organic pet foods are safer than regular pet foods.

    • Approximately 64 percent of dog owners and 56 percent of cat owners consider product safety and the risks of food contamination when they make their food purchases.
    • 19 percent of dog owners and 15 percent of cat owners sought out grain free foods
    We believe that using Pet Products that are fun and healthy will be a more profitable, safer, and more rewarding experience for:
    Schools and Organizations
    • Teachers 
    • Parents
    • Neighbors, Friends, and Family